So here’s the deal:

The recent “Frog On Bench” clip art I used to write this strip inspired a rant about how I can’t help but wonder if the piece was ever used to advertise a church bake sale somewhere in Iowa.  This, after some thought, gave me an idea.

Do you think you could come up with a one-page advertisement for a church bake sale using royalty-free clip art of an excessively creepy shabbily-dressed amphibian?  This is your chance.

Here’s the image:

Right-click it, save it, and make the world tremble with desire for your baked goods.  Upload it somewhere visible (I can’t host your stuff, sorry – try Flickr or something) and post a link to it in the comments right here on this page.  Me and a small team of judges will pick the best few, and PartiallyClips readers will have a chance to vote on their favorite.

The winner of this final vote will receive a glorious PartiallyClips prize package consisting of:

– A copy of the Suffering For My Clip Art: The Best Of PartiallyClips book, signed by Rob Balder
– A copy of Worm Quartet’s “Mental Notes” CD, signed by me
– A batch of homemade cookies baked by my wife, for use in your bake sale or for your own personal consumption (unless postal regulations or prices make sending baked goods to the winner’s country prohibitive, in which case a picture of me eating the cookies and looking grateful will be substituted.)

– You may enter as many ads as you want
– The ad must be in .JPG or .GIF format.
OKAY, FINE, YOU CAN USE .PNGs TOO. Gawd, you PNG-lovers are worse than Mac users, Intellivision owners, and Beta video tape devotees put together.
– The church and baked goods in question may be fictitious, but the ad must be for a church bake sale of some sort.  A serious degree of leniency will be granted regarding what qualifies as a church.
– The ad must be hosted somewhere online and linked here (please do not e-mail the ad to me)
– I reserve the right to alter these rules in response to comments with deliberately-misspelled profanity.
– Rob Balder is not eligible to win

The deadline for submissions is May 9th, 2010, and the contest staaaaaaarts…NOW!