Taking a chance this week and posting a strip of which Mrs. Shoebox does not approve!  GASP!

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  You scare me sometimes.  This…this is one of those times.

She followed this up with a rather valid point that if you build a full-on mental picture, this is far more disgusting than amusing.  I was going for the Monty Python-style “too ridiculous for the violence to be taken seriously” thing, which I hoped would be enabled by the buildup, but this certainly failed with my initial one-woman test audience.  However, I thought I had something here, so I decided to seek outside opinions this time.  My backup assessors (Devo Spice and our ever-glorious webmistress Sara Trice) were both amused by it, so here ya go.

For those of you who side with the missus, I assure you that my next posted comic will be one that causes her fancy to be well and truly tickled.

Why does that sound dirty?  I totally didn’t even.