The setup to this was inspired by a true story – I really did get a new monitor which really did cause interference with my really wireless mouse. And a friend (or co-worker, I don’t recall) really did hit me with the “what, haven’t you always wanted a third nipple?” line.  But my response was something that occurred to me later, and in reality I didn’t have to change my monitor – moving the mouse dongle to a different port (one that wasn’t in a hub behind said monitor) worked just fine.

I was rather pleased with myself for the finding a way to actually explain why somebody is using a CRT in 2014 within the context of the story instead of just having to shrug and say “eh, clip art, man…” as I usually do, though I did have to cheat and modify the art slightly to remove the wire from the mouse.

Originally there was a bit more explanation in this strip, ending with a “you’re really fucking weird, Dave.”  But I decided being more vague was more amusing, so I stripped away the detail and ended with what I believe is my second third-panel beat panel ever.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S  ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  *snort*  That works.  I like the beat panel.

Sorry for the severe delay in getting this strip up.  I have a ton of really good excuses I could offer, but instead, here’s a picture of me with a turtle that my wife, my son, and I saved from the road yesterday.  The turtle did not immediately seem to appreciate our efforts.

Ingrate In A Half-Shell