Technically, the Atari systems didn’t really HAVE to call anyone fat…I’ve bought a lot of used Atari joysticks from thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets over the years, and 75% of them have had bite marks all over the stick.  I’ve found some where the entire rubber top has been bitten off.  You typically don’t see this problem with the NES and beyond, arguably because hard plastic is far less satisfying to chew on than the rubber on the Atari sticks.

Anyway, this one’s a true story from my own life that I modified slightly for the strip.  I was amazed at the audacity of the Wii Fit software. I dropped all this weight just to make it happy, completely without its help, and it STILL wasn’t good enough.  I like to think that if I were one of the programmers involved in developing the Fit, I would’ve considered the case where the user exhibits a significant drop in weight without having logged on to the system in months, and added a message like “well shit, what do you need ME for?”  Maybe there is such a message, and I would’ve gotten to see it if I’d just dropped that extra twenty pounds.  DAMN YOU, WII FIT, YOU SEE WHAT YOU DO TO ME?!!?

Regardless, every time I get to watch my wife play the hula hoop game, the Fit seems like money well spent.

And speaking of the missus: