Ah, remember the dot com boom?  Where anyone with enough technical savvy to keep a Tamagotchi alive for a week could slap an “engineer” title on their resume and find a company that would pay them like they were the next Bill Gates?  Good times, good times.  I graduated near the end of the boom, and my first job paid to fly me out for my interview and put me up in a hotel (along with a couple dozen other candidates, 90% of which were also offered jobs.)  Then when I accepted, they paid me a hiring bonus (a HIRING BONUS, I tell you!) paid my moving expenses including travel to the area beforehand to look for a place to live, and offered to immediately start paying for college courses if I wanted to start working toward my master’s degree.  I remember thinking I’d definitely chosen the right career, and looking forward to being treated similarly for the rest of the employable portion of my life.


Anyway, the main bits of inspiration for this strip were:
1. Managers that put emoticons in business emails (I’ve had more than one.)
2. The toilet paper at one of my previous places of employment was the same brand as the coffee, and this always freaked me out.

The fact that this waiter looks like Billy Mitchell was something I tried to ignore.

Sorry for being a day late with this!  Happy new year, people!