So.  This one’s somewhat historical, I suppose.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of webcomics should recognize these guys as Torg and Riff from Pete Abrams’ monster/giant/legend comic Sluggy Freelance.  A huge number of PartiallyClips readers were Sluggy readers first, and came over when I did a guest week there at the end of 2003.  You may also know that I designed Get Nifty, the Sluggy Freelance card game, which will probably be available for sale very soon.

Pete had agreed to do some guest art for me, as that experiment continues.  I cornered him on a panel at Ubercon VI (he likes to draw on panels), and asked him to dash off a sketch for me right there.

To my great surprise, he did a Riff and Torg.  I said, “You want me to use your characters?”  He shrugged.  “Sure.  Go for it.”  

I’m like, “You know this could go into the papers, right?”  

*grin* “Whatever.”

So, this is a first.  Not only is this guest art, but a crossover.  It’s the first time anyone else’s characters have appeared in PClips, and only the second time (to my knowledge) that Sluggy characters have officially appeared in another strip.  I’m honored.

I tried to do it justice, but man…was this pose a challenge.  I ended up moving Torg’s eyes slightly (it’s always the eyes).  Pete put speech balloons in the sketch, which I will post here later for all to view.  Welcome to any new Sluggites who are dropping by to see the crossover, and to any old ones who have 2 years of archives to catch up on.