When I have asked my friends for guest art, some of them have taken it as a call to create art to stump me.  I don’t think that’s what Teh Dave of the incredible and beautiful Chugworth Academy was gunnning for with this one, but it certainly was an interesting challenge.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I would have to shelve it for closer to Halloween, but I should have written the script immediately.  Instead I put that off til the last minute, too.  But I am still pleased with the joke.

In place of “vision quest” I considered both “walkabout” and “chatauqua,” but decided after some research into the meanings of those terms, I realized that my understanding of what they generally mean runs toward the obscure secondary definitions.  Vision quest is perfectly clear and satisfactory.

I think this is only my third or fourth “drug joke” of any kind in the archives.  Like insanity jokes and dream jokes, I generally consider them too easy.  I can’t lean on the same few facile explanations for odd art.

Please rush over and check out Chugworth.  Dave’s not only a hell of a guy and a blast to party with, but he’s one of the most skillful artists in webcomics and his characters are sek-say!  He’s Scottish, so you know it’s not crap.