The actual name of this piece in my clip art collection is “Cotton Candy Vendor,” but if that’s cotton candy, it’s cotton candy with goddamned stubble.  I fear that these are actually poorly-shaven Muppet torsos on a stick, and if they are, I’ll take a Grover.  Not that I suspect Grover is tastier than the other muppets, but that way I can hold it to my wife’s face and then pull it away while going “NEEEEEAR!  FAAAAAAAAR!”

Speaking of the Mrs…

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: *Chucklesniff* Lightly funny.

In other news, my sketch comedy group, “Cirque du So What,” has a new CD available for pre-order!  All pre-orders come with a free immediate digital download of the album and a bonus digital album with 40 minutes of unreleased whatnot!   You can order from The FuMP online store.  More info is available at  Pre-orders will be taken through the 11th, and I really should’ve mentioned them here earlier.

See you on Friday!