The actual process of thought leading to this one was not “all the other webcomics do gamer jokes, I should do one too.”  It was step-by-step logic, starting from noticing how fat the squirrel in this clip is, to thinking about where squirrels get that fat (college campuses), to thinking about the “freshman 15” we all put on, then tying that to the “fattening up for the winter” process.  Originally the whole punchline was the fact that he was playing the games, but then I was left with the question of why he was holding the acorn.  I like the results better when the art is integral to the joke, so I was happy to be able to bring it back around to that.  Not only does it explain why he’s holding the acorn in all three panels, but it works with that shy, embarassed look on this squirrel’s face.

Second squirrel joke in two months, though.  Gotta be careful of trends.  Smiley