I don’t mean this strip strictly as web-bashing.  Obviously I love the web and it’s allowed me to do this project  No other medium could ever have reached so far for so cheap.

If it annoys me sometimes, that’s because everything and everyone annoys me sometimes.  I was born annoyed.  There’s a picture of me on my zeroth birthday, and damned if I wasn’t already looking piqued.  No doubt I was mentally critiquing the delivery and the process of birth in general.

No, my intention with this strip was to take it from the spider’s viewpoint.  He’s about as happy about the newer meaning of the word “web” as Hormel is about “spam” or the makers of Ayds Diet Candies were when the ominous homonym started making news.

Whoa, “ominous homonym.”  I think I just micromeditated.