This particular establishment is actually a place I’ve had in mind for a long damned time.  I first used it in a freeware text adventure I wrote in the mid-90’s.  The joke worked really well in that environment because I didn’t have to do anything visual.  I could describe the character’s reactions to what he saw and allow him to interact with the scene while stubbornly hiding any possible detail.  This left nearly everything to player’s imagination, my hope being that the concept was abstract and ridiculous enough to avoid any actual mental images being concocted, and thus induce amusement rather than disgust.  I’m trying for a similar thing in this strip, though with a bit of a misdirect so I can use the concept itself as the punchline.  Hopefully I succeeded.

On another note, if you’ve ever actually been to Belva, WV, you’ll have yet another abstract concept to deal with, trying to envision its “lovely downtown.”