I threw away more ideas for this art than any strip I can think of in a long time.  This was originally one of the failed strips in the 24 Hour Comics Day experiment I did in 2005.  In that one, Satan was hosting a Hades version of Wheel of Fortune, in which it was revealed at the end that all the contestants had negative scores because they were being charged for every vowel they had used, even the ones when they talked.  Weak.

This one even underwent a revision on layout.  Satan’s hobby was originally just “Collecting the casts of 60s sitcoms.”  But then I thought of the better setup.  At that point I needed a show with an ensemble cast and a title describing the cast, like “The Brady Bunch” or “The Beverly Hillbillies.”  Wikipedia found me The Honeymooners…with only one principle cast member alive at the time I wrote this.  Nothing against Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, or Audrey Meadows, so save your angries for something more important than a comic strip.  Tongue