A handful of Rob’s PartiallyClips strips back in the day were inspired by IM conversations with me.  So it’s only fitting that this should happen in reverse from time to time now that I’m the one staying up ’til midnight trying to make clip art say stuff that amuses, or at least elicits a non-violent response.

The conversation was brought on by Rob finding this, which in turn led down several potential comedy roads not taken, and ultimately to what ended up being the punchline to this strip.  In fact, Rob even went so far as to TELL me that this felt like a solid punchline to a strip.  So I’ll go ahead and credit him as a co-writer on this one.

Slang is an awful lot of fun, and I suppose it should come as no surprise that the slang terms one would come up with while on blankets or white-haired ladies or Aunt Nora or Shermans or window panes or gooney birds or birdie powder or racehorse charlie or butter flowers or cat’s pee (I swear to god, cat’s pee) would be a particularly unique sort of fun.

Speaking of unique sorts of fun, I’ll be performing (as Worm Quartet) at PenguiCon in Troy, MI this weekend!   Come on out and marvel at how sweaty one man can get while prancing around with a microphone!

And if you haven’t checked out the submissions to the PartiallyClips Church Bake Sale Contest yet, you’re missing out.  The entry deadline is May 9th, so you’ve still got plenty of time to come up with ads of your own if you’re so inclined.

Wow.  Apparently I get wordy when I’m tired.  G’night.