No, I’ve never actually done this.  But damned if I didn’t do everything I could to push QuickBasic 4.5 as far as I could back in the day – the last game I started writing in QB (abandoned in mid-college due to…well, college)  was a graphical RPG and featured sprites using a sprite creator/editor I’d written myself,menu-driven battle sequences a la Phantasy Star ,etc.,  joystick support, and SoundBlaster support (playing ScreamTracker songs.)

I met someone in the mid-2000’s who was still making a living doing BASIC programming for an old project (presumably a government project of some sort – just guessing here) that still needed to be supported.  He’d been doing this for years.  I remember being somewhat jealous that he got to play in BASIC all day, but also wondering what the hell he was going to do with his life after that job ended, and how it would feel squirming in a suit across the desk from an interviewer while he/she slowly absorbs the word “BASIC” sitting right next to the current year in my resume and stares at me as if I were Amish.

That, along with my own worries about remaining relevant in my chosen field as I rapidly approach 40, inspired this strip.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  *snortchuckle*  Congratulations, that’s very weird.

See you all next week!  Have an awesome new year!