There’s an interesting effect of doing a joke which is as broad/general in subject matter as this one.  People tend to assume that I’m making an allegory to something else, and will have different ideas about what that something is.  It’s like the guy who approached Terry Gilliam about the Black Knight scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail saying, “That’s about Vietnam, right?”

Really all I was doing here was taking a scene that shows an extreme of social inequality and extrapolating a conversation out of it.  I was tempted to try and find an angle where their obvious roles were not what they seemed, maybe even reversed, but I couldn’t find anything reasonably plausible and also funny.

NOTE: I also got some email feedback that maybe this joke isn’t clear.  It’s his ass he’s worried about getting shot, not his mouth.  Can’t see how to rephrase that for clarity.