In the midst of an IM conversation with PartiallyClips webmistress and all-around awesome person Sara Trice, I wondered aloud (well, in ASCII) if I could pull off writing a PartiallyClips completely in pseudocode.  I came up with this script (appropriately, while something was compiling) and after failing to find a good piece of art I hadn’t already used with a programmer and a bosslike figure standing over him or her, I decided this guy looked right for the programmer role and made the boss invisible.   So here’s my attempt!

Anyway, this is basically some bastardization of C# and C++, because that’s mostly what I’m using nowadays.  I had to strike a balance between good code, good visual flow, and humorously getting the point across, so I’m aware that, among other things, my use of encapsulation is sporadic, and curTime is never initialized before it’s compared to Clock::EndOfDay().

Gotta say I really like the look of the Courier font here.

Anyway, attempting to get my wife’s assessment would be reasonably pointless, as she is not a programmer, but fortunately the aforementioned Sara Trice has provided the following:

WEBMISTRESS SARA’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  lolol!  I might change the boss’s last line to something like “;”.  I’m mixing ruby into your pseudocode though.