I tried repeatedly to make a joke with this piece that explored the idea of teachers being given crappy outdated equipment, or hearken back to my high school days and my need to draw any insect that happened to crawl across a projector screen while I was taking notes. But then it struck me that through the magic of two-dimensional art, it kinda looked like the professor was talking to – and possibly even pointing accusingly at – the projector.

I’m kinda worried this one doesn’t really feel like a PartiallyClips.  But to me it does sorta feel like it could conceivably be a sequel to one of my earlier strips – specifically, the shapeshifters could be the invading force sent by the mutant space ferns.  Or maybe not.

At any rate, it amused my wife AND my backup beta testers, so I have pronounced it fit for consumption.  Enjoy!

Sorry for the late update.  I had a death in the family last week, and things have been rather chaotic.