Ah, the attractive psycho.  Such a terrible dilemma.  In college, for five weeks, I dated a woman I was gaga for…my physical ideal.  She looked a bit like Anna Paquin, but really more like Sally Field as Gidget.  For the first two weeks I thought I couldn’t understand half of what she said because she was really deep.  Then she started to reveal aspects of paranoia, hypochondria and violence that made me realize she was just batshit crazy.

Up to that point, nothing that happened was my fault.  But I really really didn’t want to stop seeing her, so I kept going until I was just too frightened to go on.  Bad idea, that.

Originally, that was not the point of this strip, though.  I only added the last line of his when I realized that it was the only thing that could plausibly explain his blase attitude about being shot at.  Despite (or maybe because of) her big 80s hair, she is a smokin’ hottie.