Here we go!

Hi, I’m Tim “Shoebox” Crist.  You may have heard of my comedy synth-punk project “Worm Quartet.”  You may be aware of my involvement with The FuMP.  You may have seen my embarrassing appearance on VH-1’s “Totally Obsessed” as the Pac-Man guy back in 2004, which I should probably stop mentioning.  More likely, you’ve never heard of me and you’re just wondering how I’m going to ruin this strip now that Rob’s sold out and embraced ideas like plot and recurring characters with “Erfworld.”

Well, for starters, PartiallyClips will now be a family-friendly story about a well-to-do family called the Higglesworths who adopt a wise-cracking sentient sock puppet named “Scarfo.” Oh, that wacky Scarfo!  What merriment and tomfoolery will ensue!

Actually, I’ve been a fan of PartiallyClips for years, and a friend of Rob’s for almost as long.   “Suffering For My Clip Art” has a place of honor in my bathroom, where it has brought hours of joy to incontinent house guests over the years.  Rob and I have shared the stage together many times and collaborated on a few different musical endeavors, and somewhere along the line we determined we have a lot of respect for each other’s comedy minds.  So when he determined he needed to step away from PartiallyClips, he asked me if I thought I could take over.  And after giving it a shot with a few test strips, I think I can.

I should take a moment here to thank the wonderful webmistress Sara Trice, who has worked her ass off redesigning this page.  Her portfolio and such are over at if you need someone to make you some Internets.

So, welcome to my awkward first season.  I hope you guys will stick around as I…no, Scarfo, no!   That’s a priceless heirloo…*CRASH!* SCAAAAAAARFOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!