This strip is set to run in Issue 10 (w007! double digits!) of Nth Degree.  It’s the closest thing to SF/Fantasy/fandom content I have done in a while.  I don’t know why that is.

Around the millenium turn I took up studying the “history of the future,” going and reading books like Alvin Toeffler’s Future Shock from 1970.  I wanted to see what kind of ideas people had about where we’d be and what changes would affect our lives.  I was looking for accurate predictions and found very few.

I think about old science fiction with a certain nostalgic sadness now.  Reading 1984 in the year 1984 was a kind of a giddy relief.  Reading 2001 in late 2001, comparing that fiction to reality, was deeply depressing.  I couldn’t help picturing the Monolith collapsing into rubble.