This is either a “Radio Ga Ga”-esque plea for the continual relevance of newspaper, a treatise on the futility of obsolete media attempting to survive in the modern world, a statement about how pathetic it is to try to cater to trends you don’t understand, or just a stupid joke that made me giggly late at night when I was staring at this piece trying to figure out how best to exploit this paperboy’s eager smile for comedy purposes.  Whichever works for you, dammit.

Mrs. Shoebox was asleep when I finished this, and as such, her assessment is forthcoming.

Hi!  Busy as crap lately, getting over yet another stupid cold, and very sorry for the recent missed weeks.  Hope you’re all having a glorious time doing whatever glorious things you do gloriously!

For those of you in the Rochester area who like interesting jewelry, my lovely wife will be plying her wares at the Lilac Festival this weekend!  Find the Manic Metals tent in the “Art In Bloom” area and get you some shiny things!