It has often worried me that future archaeologists combing through the ruins of our society might find nothing more of our culture than a Bay City Rollers 8-track, a DVD box set of season 3 of Family Matters, and a printout of the “Buffalo Soldier” strip from my awkward first few months doing PartiallyClips.  So that’s where I originally thought this idea had come from, until I got as far as posting it, at which point I remembered this Jack Handey quote, which had amused the hell out of me on Saturday Night Live a couple of decades ago and was probably on some level the seed for this idea.  So, I hereby give credit and thanks for the inspiration.  

Anyway, hi!  How’re you guys doing?  Way better over here – I seem to have finally annihilated most of this stupid cold and now I’m able to do that whole “breathing” thing that the kids are all talking about.