I’m not going to admit how long I spent obsessing over this strip, struggling for the punchline.  After getting some feedback from friends (and of course Mrs. Shoebox) I finally realized that the “Mr. Supdawg” bit, which was originally squeezed into the second panel, was the best line I had – so I promoted it to punchline.  It reads a bit wrong to me now, but I’m hoping this is just because I spent so long staring at it in the middle of the strip that I somehow feel that’s where it belongs.  Whatever, I’m posting it, and I can go on with my life now.

Rejected punchlines included:
1. LEFT: “Dammit, you just had to mention Steve Martin.  Now I can’t set it on fire.”
2. LEFT: “He’s going to be part of my new exhibition.”  RIGHT: “I thought you were doing a piece on animal cruelty!” LEFT: “Picture him holding a cow’s tail in his left hand, and wearing a name tag that says ‘Spanky.'”
3.  RIGHT: “It’s like Martin Short’s Ed Grimley fucked Pinnochio, and started a
career in the JCPenney Activewear department.” (Suggested by the great Luke Ski)
4.  RIGHT: “Well, I’ll go put him next to the stuffed woodchuck that looks like
Alf taking a shit.”  (Also suggested by the great Luke Ski.  I feel like I learned a lot about Luke this week.)

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP (final version):  Better.  I’m not laughing, because it’s only because this is the fifth time you’ve shown me this thing.

In other news, check out the new random tagline thingy on the top of the page, courtesy of our wondrous Webmistress, Sara Trice! So far I’ve only got a handful up – refresh the page to collect ’em all!  Suggestions for additional taglines are of course more than welcome.

Planning to return to the “two strips a week” thing starting next week.  See you then!