I’m worried that one of my managers or former managers will see this and think it’s about them.  The actual person on whom I based this strip, however, is blissfully unaware of their faults, and would never recognize themselves as the strip’s inspiration.  So if I used to work for you, and you’re saying “hey, is that me?”  It’s not.

I have, in the past, worked for managers who are skilled programmers, and whose direct assistance on the code has been valuable.  I have also been a position of having to keep my own local backup of source control just to be able to quickly undo damage done by my superior, and god help me, I have had to put myself physically between a project manager and a soldering iron.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: Very odd.  I see what you’re going for, but…very odd.

In other news, I will be performing as Worm Quartet and doing a real live actual Webcomics panel at I-Con in Long Island in a couple of weeks!  Come on out and say hi!