Fans of Worm Quartet who followed me over to this strip will no doubt be impressed that I’ve gone nearly three months now without using the word “nipple.”  I’m somewhat well-known in certain comedy music circles for mentioning nipples often, both in song and in my on-stage banter.  One fan even listened to several of my songs backwards and sent me several snippets containing the word, which I found both creepy and flattering, and then creepy again.  The only comedy musician I’ve ever found who comes close to challenging me in nipple-droppings is Norm Sherman, host of the amazing Drabblecast podcast.

But six strips before I took over PartiallyClips, Rob ran this strip.  He knew by then that I was taking over in January, so I immediately chastised him for putting me in a position where I’d have to hold back to avoid nipple over-saturation.   It has now been four months and two days since this previous nipple-mentioning, so the time has come.

Nipples, dammit.


And the clock starts again.  *Sigh.*