Hoping this works as a strip.  I’ve had more fun than I should with the fact that various products now have presences of some sort online.  I’ve complained to Famous Footwear that they should make their light-up yellow Transformers Bumblebee shoes available in adult size 14 so I don’t have to live vicariously through my son, I’ve had Twitter conversations with Cap’n Crunch suggesting that he drop the defensive strategy and take the battle to the Soggies’ homeland at long last, and I’ve been fighting the urge to write to Liquid-Plumr to inform them that I’ve got their “Foaming Pipe Snake” right here.  There’s just something about the idea of a store or product trying to interact with me conversationally that makes me want to pick at it.

On another note, as insane as it is to think that somebody would actually put up with me for this long, my wife and I just celebrated our twelve-year anniversary, a fact to which I pay a minor tribute in this strip.  Thank you, sweetie, for the years of letting me exploit our personal life for comedy purposes – here and through Worm Quartet.  You’re beyond amazing.

This is going up far later in the night than I intended, and Mrs. Shoebox is, alas, not awake to provide her standard assessment.  I’ll add it when she gets a chance to check it out.

Back to two strips a week starting now!  See you on Friday!