I  missed a week, and now I’m back with a long-winded fart joke, and a terrible almost-pun I seriously didn’t intend when I started typing this sentence!  Sorry on all counts!

I saw the look on this guy’s face as he read to his child, and thought of the Captain Underpants books, at which point I could immediately sympathize with him.  Current comic notwithstanding, I am generally very much not a fan of farty dookie booger caca humor, and Captain Underpants is ten books of nothing but.  That said, my son loves them, and reads them constantly.  Yay for literacy, I suppose.  He’s also a huge fan of Beverly Cleary and the Encyclopedia Brown books, so I guess there’s hope.

I wrote this from the first panel onward, knowing the point I was getting at but not sure where I was going to end up.  I’m worried the punchline doesn’t live up to “farting contemplatively.”  Trying to get back into the swing of things now that all the holiday madness is behind us and my brain’s starting to thaw a bit.

See you soon!