Ah, racism in older people is adorable, isn’t it?  I was amused by the idea of this guy being both irredeemably full of prejudice to the point of being able to find reasons to express it everywhere he looked, and dull-witted enough to fall for a ridiculously simple trick.  I tried to come up with better wording to make the “old-ass newspaper”  reveal smoother.  It feels, to me, a bit forced here, but deadlines for the new-ass newspapers that carry this strip are a thing, so I’m tossing this puppy into the world and hoping it doesn’t pee on the carpet.  Similarly, I wish I had a bit more time to work on that metaphor.

Hi!  I seem to have survived the most hectic June I’ve had in a while, starting with helping Mrs. Shoebox with her recent rather-succesful weekend selling at the Corn Hill Arts Festival, plunging through several days of driving to North Carolina and back for my sister’s wedding (at which I played piano,) and culminating in another trip to Chicago two days after my return for the again-rather-successful first-ever FuMPFest in Chicago, where I performed what I’ve been assured was one of my better sets along with the great Luke Ski, Garden Fresh, Tim Cavanaugh, Devo Spice, Tony Goldmark, Raymond & Scum, Power Salad, Dan Hart, Phil Johnson, Carrie Dahlby, Insane Ian, Seamonkey, Possible Oscar, and Dr. Demento himself, along with whoever else I’m forgetting at the moment due to tiredness and/or idiocy.  T’was an awesome time, and I premiered a new song which will be going live on the FuMP in the very near future.


Time to sleep, dammit!  See you next week!  In the meantime, all you fellow ‘Mericans enjoy your ‘Merica!