This is one of those things that occurred to me completely out of the blue.  It’s not a perfect system (“Blockbusters” is meaningless and “Beat The Geeks” is just confusing) but it works beautifully a decent percentage of the time.  The game shows mentioned in this strip are among the first that occurred to me – I did scour Wikipedia for funnier titles after my first draft, but unfortunately some of the best ones were shows I’d never heard of and which you’ve probably never heard of, like “All About Faces,” “Hold Everything,” “Alumni Fun,” “The Big Payoff,” “That’s My Dog,” “Finders Keepers,” the amazing “Do You Trust Your Wife,” the jaw-droppingly unnecessary “My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad,” and my personal favorite: “Let’s Play Post Office.”

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: I laughed even though you already told me about it, so it must not suck!

In other news, remember a few strips ago when I went off on how I used to win pizzas with the Little Caesar “Brain Teaser” games?  Well, thanks to the obsessive insistence of nostalgia and the miracle of Internet commerce, look what showed up on my doorstep last Friday!

That’s right, I can now win pizzas (or in this case Crazy Bread, as that’s the highest prize on this machine…clearly it’s from a severely cheapass Little Caesars) from the comfort of my very own basement! It’s shown here with a button I rigged to bypass coin insertion, but the coin-accepting mechanism has since been repaired by my lovely wife, who not only figured out what sort of piece was missing from the device but fabricated a replacement for it out of copper. Seriously, people, marry a metalsmith. You’ll never look back.