This is one I was sitting on because I felt like it was missing something.  I still feel like it’s missing something, and I’m not all that happy about the awkwardness of the segue between bogus entries and misspelled entries, but I’ve been insanely busy this last week and this is closer to “done” than any of my other strips-in-progress at the moment.

The inspiration for this one came from an IM conversation with Rob Balder regarding Livestrong’s MyPlate site (formerly “The Daily Plate,”) an online calorie-tracking tool.  You plug in your weight and the number of pounds you want to lose in a week, it calculates your daily calories to get there and gives you a system to enter what you eat on a daily basis.  However, their Achilles heel is their food database, which accepts user entries and seems to have rather dubious criteria for what is considered “verified.”   Go check it out and enter in any common four-letter word for a great example of this.   I don’t know who exactly verified that “Tim’s Shit In a Pan Breakfast Skillet” is 393 calories per Pile Of Yumminess, but somehow I’m not convinced.  Various secretions and excretions also have some rather eyebrow-raising entries.

That said, I lost over 100 pounds over the course of a year using this tool (paired with some common sense and personal research when calorie counts seemed out of line,) so I still recommend it rather highly.

And speaking of Mr. Balder, he recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an Erfworld motion comic.  He’s already hit his initial goal, but he’s set a secondary goal to fund a “Dream Website,” and he’s got some fantastic incentives for contributors.  Check it out here.

Planning to have a second strip up on Friday – sorry for the rush-job on this one, hope you’re all having a great week!