In my initial attempts to write a strip based on this comic, I became fixated on the 75-cent price, and had a conversation going on between the kids and their father about how Archie comics were only 35 cents when he was a kid and were now $2.99, so lemonade should therefore be in the ballpark of $2.25 a cup.  I finally rejected this idea after struggling with a lame punchline in which the kids point out that their father still hasn’t gotten the $48,000 he’s been asking for his Ford Pinto (NOTE: this rejection occurred prior to my doing any actual math, and as such, the numbers presented here were obtained via anal extraction.)  I finally decided to make a more general marketing-related joke, pulled out the handy-dandy “overly-smart kids” gimmick again, and here ya go.

My wife isn’t feeling well tonight and thus will not be providing her usual assessment.  In lieu of this, I will plug her latest thing:  She’s decided to start plugging her jewelry by making stop-motion videos.   This is her first attempt, and I think it’s neat as hell.

See you guys soon,