Once again, an attempt to purchase food has inspired a strip.  I went to a cotton candy stand at an outdoor festival this past weekend to purchase my lovely wife a “small” cotton candy, and was told that they only had “big” and “large.”

I’m fully aware that fast food chains have been doing dumb things for years like adding sizes beyond “large” and removing “small” so that they start with “medium.”

But…”big” and “large?”  These are SYNONYMS.  All attempts at differentiation have been completely abandoned.  We have achieved total adjective unity.  I’m sure this decision has increased cotton candy sales dramatically.

So, sorry if this strip seems like more Seinfeldian or Sunday Comics-ish than the standard fare, but I couldn’t get this out of my head.

On an unrelated note, my clip art collection has surprisingly crappy selection of “vendor” pictures, and almost all of the vendors pictured appear to be vaguely Asian for some reason.

On an even less related note, the finalists have been selected in the PartiallyClips bake sale contest and will be announced soon, at which point you will be able to vote on your favorite!

See you guys on Friday!