All but the first line of this is copied nigh-verbatim from a typically strange IM conversation I had with Balder this morning, so I’m crediting him as co-writer, making this is a full-on “Roth and Hagar on stage” moment.  Have fun trying to figure out which of us wrote which parts!

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that a PartiallyClips was inspired by an online chat between me and Rob.  It happened a few times when he was writing the strip, and it’s happened at least one other time while I’ve been writing it.  We even recorded dramatic readings of a few of our IM conversations for our musical collaboration, Baldbox.

I seriously contemplated misplacing an apostrophe in “schools” in the final speech bubble.  But (a.) I couldn’t bring myself to do it, because misplaced apostrophes make me want to stab bunnies, and (b.) I’d probably lose half my audience, since most of you feel the same way, if not stronger, and the bunny population would likely never recover.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP: Cute.  I chuckled.  But scary as hell.

In other news, I just recorded a reading of a rather quirky story for an upcoming episode of Escape Pod which should be going live in a week or two.  And this week’s episode is recorded by my good friend Devo Spice!  If you’re into sci-fi and podcasts and haven’t yet checked out Escape Pod, I hereby stare at you for an hour while blinking very slowly.

Time to shut up and sleep!  Have a good week, people!  See you Friday!