This was the worst rule-break I have ever been guilty of, I think.  Unless you count the color Sunday PartiallySluggy.

This clip was originally the priest only, in a black cloak.  First I changed his cloak to white for visibility reasons.  Then I printed it to a template to write it and decided he needed to be having a conversation with his intended human sacrifice.  So I had to create the sacrifice by taking some poor clip-art schmuck who was just out sunbathing, taking his sunglasses off, removing his beach towel, flip flops, and suntan lotion, turning his trunks to a little tunic thingy, changing his hairstyle, and lightening his complexion.  Finally I changed the priest’s eyes to be looking at the victim.

I’ve been very cruel to the people in my clip art collection over the years, but there’s something especially mean about taking a guy off a sunny beach and making a human sacrifice out of him.