These last three strips will be inextricably linked for all time.

The obvious link is that I have been raiding the “Beauty” folder of my clip art collection, literally because I am too lazy to pull out the CD and put a different one in.

The other connection is through this ongoing struggle I am having, between subtlety and clarity in the gagwriting. In the Women at Mirror strip, I commented that having to spell out the gag made it less funny. People agreed. So in the Model in Evening Gown strip I played it subtle, and lost so many people that I had to rewrite it.

In this one, I have opted for spelling it out. And yes, it’s kind of got a lot riding on one pun. I didn’t intend to write it that way. I went at this originally from the approach that the hairstylist was giving the other woman some gross facts about hair. In researching hair, I discovered that there isn’t actually a medical doctor for hair diseases. Though there are books on diseases of the hair and scalp, they are written by dermatologists. I toyed with the idea of a subspecialist in nose hair, but nostrils were a dead end.

Finally, I came to this pun. And I thought it was funny enough to build a strip around it. But I had to spell it out in the last panel, and I think that was the right choice.