Last weekend, my wife, my kid, and I drove down a stretch of road where there was a severely old cemetery on the left and a very new cemetery across from it.  The tombstones on the right looked so shiny and spiffy by comparison that “pimp my grave” and “bling out your dead” immediately occurred to me, and I spent several minutes bouncing ideas off my wife to see how I could use the latter as a punchline.   This is the result.  Giving Mrs. Shoebox a co-writing credit on this one, as she contributed greatly to the idea-tossing (as such, no Mrs. Shoebox Assessment will be posted for this strip.)  Suggestions for and discussion of more show names are of course welcome.

On an unrelated note, I recently got a flyer from my son’s school advertising a family activity night of some sort, and they used the same piece of clip art I used for this strip.   So apparently there really is only a limited amount of royalty-free clip art in the world.  Fearing the evening would take place on a block of ice littered with deceased rodents, I did not attend said activity night.

On an equally-unrelated note, my sister writes for the Free Island Press on the outer banks of North Carolina, where she lives year-round because she’s far smarter than me.  Her feature story today amused the crap out of me, so I hereby share it.

Almost finished building my new PC.  Completing this task will assist greatly in restoring normality to my update schedule.