Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first strip made with a piece from my new clip art collection.  This is not only the only cell phone picture in the collection that’s actually larger than the person endeavoring to use it, but it’s also probably the newest-looking one in the collection.  Ah well.

This one took a few rewrites to get a level of nonsense I was happy with for the operator’s side of the conversation.  One of the things my musical project, Worm Quartet, is moderately known for in embarrassingly small circles is that every album I’ve put out has at least song that’s called – for reasons it’s not worth the effort to make clear at this point – a “Chutney song.”   These songs are mostly-nonsensical rants with a reasonably unique lyrical rhythm and structure delivered in a quivering voice over obnoxious synths.  Titles of these songs include “Eskimo Pie Is Not Pie And Contains Very Little Eskimo” and “Adventures In Creative Nostril-Swallowing (A Tribute To Plants That Suck.)”  So basically, I tend to feel like if I’m spouting nonsense, it has to be nonsense of the proper caliber.  Hopefully I’ve succeeded here.

The closest I have to an unlimited Dada plan on my phone is an Android port of the infamous “Yow” app, which displays random Zippy the Pinhead quotes.  I highly recommend it.