I suspect this chicken is supposed to just look bored, but to me it looks like it’s contemplating acts of unspeakable darkness, so that’s the direction I went with here.

This is the first anthropomorphized animal in my run on this strip (not counting the horse in “Buffalo Soldier,” which had an explanation, albeit a stupid one.)  I had to make the chicken the narrator because the thought bubbles were ridiculously unruly given the layout of the art.

PLUGGERY:  I recently recorded a sketch comedy album with three other comedy musician-type people (all of whom have had the #1 song of the year on the Dr. Demento show at some point in the last decade) and it’s now available from www.cirquedusowhat.net!  We still have a handful of pre-order bonus discs available, first-come, first-serve.  For those of you who hate shiny media, it’ll be on iTunes/Amazon/CDBaby/etc. in a few weeks.

Oh, and MarsCon was awesome.   It’s also the reason this strip is a day late.  Turns out Minneapolis is just as far from upstate NY as it’s ever been.  Somebody needs to fix that.