HA!  Told you I’d get another strip up this week!  Not that you didn’t have every reason to doubt me, I’ve utterly sucked at this lately. But I’ve actually got a couple of strips queued up now, working toward an actual dare-I-say BACKLOG.

Yes, yes, every other webcomic writer in the world.  I hear you snickering.  I’m still gonna try, dammit.

This piece has been floating around in my notebook for a while now.  I finally came up with this idea for it, and threw it together in a Chuck E Cheese while my son was in the child habitrail playing something called “dinosaur tag.”  I’m have no idea what this means, but he still has all his limbs, so I’m guessing all is well.

I should note that this strip is by NO means a reflection of my wife’s attitude regarding my various creative projects.  She has been amazingly supportive of the stupid endeavors with which I fill nearly every stinking moment of my spare time, and in fact is out right now running an errand directly related to one of them (hence the lack of a “Mrs. Shoebox’s Assessment” yet again.  I’ll try to get her back before her church gets cranky.)

Anyway, have a great weekend – see you on Tuesday!