No matter how much you promise yourself you won’t give up pieces of yourself when you have a kid, you eventually have to.  Mrs. Shoebox and I have gone out of our way to maintain our identities, our bizarre senses of humor, etc., and  our son was taught sarcasm as a second language at a very young age.  But while we didn’t have orgies to give up, I’ve noticed my collection of concert tickets has grown at a far smaller rate, and we wait for DVD or Netflix releases for a lot more movies.  On days when I’m not replacing a cracked LCD in a laptop or extracting a tiny Lego piece from my foot, it’s totally worth it.

I worry that it might be a little creepy that this couple is having this conversation in front of their kids, but in my mind they’re whispering back and forth under the sonic camouflage of Patchy the Pirate singing the opening to “Spongebob Squarepants.”  Still creepy, I know, but a little better?