I’ve put together a handful of strips over the last week in an attempt to make sure I won’t fall behind during all the crap I have going on this month, but in the midst of doing this, I found this strip, which I wrote a couple of years ago and never posted for reasons unknown.  I found it amusing, and it seemed to amuse my wife, so here ya go!

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  Dear…god.  *long pause* I want to stab elves.

*UPDATE:*  Those of you who viewed this yesterday and came back may have noticed that I changed the punchline.  This is because said punchline came up in a conversation with the Mrs. last night and I liked it a lot better than the original “croutons” line.  Hoping Crunch Berries are a reasonably universal concept.

Speaking of the crap I have going on this month:  If you’re in the Chicago area and/or you like funny music at all, you might want to check this out:

FuMPFestBanner On Blue

I’ll be performing, along with Luke Ski, Devo Spice, Tom Smith, Tony Goldmark, Power Salad, Raymond & Scum, and a bunch of other comedy music peeps, and the headliner is Dr. Freakin’ Demento himself.  Should be a fun time, dammit!