Sorry for the lateness of the update – I plead Thanksgiving preparation and travel.

This one didn’t come out quite as great as I was hoping it would, but I was really amused by the idea of having a Bob Evans (I’m sorry, this is totally a Bob Evans) across the street from a mental institution, and the employees having to calmly and politely deal with the escapees who wander in from time to time.  The “little happy pills” joke is kinda standard, I guess, but hopefully it works.

I’m typing this while my wife is on the other side of the room frantically updating her Etsy shops with her latest pieces for “Cyber Monday” (placed in quotes because I detest the term – it’s probably one of the least meaningful metaphors I’ve ever encountered.  But I digress.)  If you’re interested in buying some unique and high-quality handmade jewelry, her shop is at  She’s also got a sister shop, “Odditease,”  for paper crafts her and such.

Hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving, if you do that sort of thing!