It’s probably a bad sign that I’m having trouble remembering whether or not I’ve used this clip before.  I’m pretty sure I have not, but it seems very familiar.  I am positive I had it out at some point, possibly several points, and tried to write a strip to it.  I think that when I did that, I was fixated on how completely 1978 these two guys look and was trying to do a time-period gag.

With this script, though, I had started with art of seagulls.  I couldn’t incorporate the “dashboard trick” joke (which I’d heard about from ShoEboX’s wife), and gave up.  It was on my mind when I considered this clip again, and I just decided “well, they had beaches and seagulls and rental cars in 1978 so go for it.”

Not sure the final line is needed in this one.