My wife didn’t get part of this due to missing a certain Internet meme, so at the risk of over-explaining, here’s some links that prove I at least made an effort to be clever here:

Panel 1:  Link
Panel 2: Link
Panel 3: Link

Programming a child’s vocabulary for my own amusement falls into the category of “stuff I would never do in real life but on some level wish I could for the humor value, so I’ll throw it in the strip.”  The closest my wife and I have ever actually come to this is letting our son call his bellybutton a “buttum-buttum” for quite a while.  We couldn’t bring ourselves to correct him because it was goddamned adorable.

…Okay, that and we sorta kinda taught him to sing “butt salve” to the theme song from the old Batman TV show, in honor of his diaper cream.

Anyway, we’re back on schedule, people!  Sorry for the lapse, and see you on Tuesday!