This one’s dedicated to our glorious webmistress Sara Trice, who shared with me more than once during her recent (and successful!) job hunt her frustrations with companies looking for “rockstar developers” and “code ninjas.”  Yes, this really is a thing.  I’m worried the buildup is too obvious, and dropped a groupie reference from the first draft in an attempt to mitigate this.

The problem, of course, with “rockstar” developers is that once the rock star leaves, the rest of the band kinda falls apart because they can’t read his lyrics, let alone complete his unfinished songs.  And the rock star himself, of course, often goes off and starts a solo career, only to crawl back to the band when he fails miserably.

Most IT companies do better when the assemble a group of session musicians, mixing seasoned veterans with new up-and-coming players, and holy crap are you as tired of this analogy as I am?  Jeez, this comic is supposed to be my side project, not an extension of my main gig.  I’m going to shut up now.

Mrs. Shoebox went to bed early tonight, and is therefore unable to provide her usual commentary and quality control.  We apologize for the inconvenience.