Let me acknowledge two obvious problems with this strip:

1. It’s incredibly stupid
2. Those don’t look like frogs, they look like alligators.

Well, on point 2, all I can say is that my clip art collection swears up and down that these are, in fact, frogs.  So take it up with them.

Point 1 I can explain, if not justify. I stared at this clip art for a long time fighting the internal battle I always have to fight with a clip like this – the battle against breaking the fourth wall and just screaming Lewis Black-style about what the hell possible purpose such a piece of clip art could have because I swear to you, this, like every other piece of clip art I’ve used in these strips, is a royalty-free image in a commercially-available collection.  Finally my brain, tiring of the fight, said “FINE.  You want frog jokes?  HERE’S SOME DAMNED FROG JOKES.”

I ran this one by Rob, actually, and he said it was funny.  Then I asked it it would be funnier if the colors, rather than the potatoes, were calling the customer “Mommy.”  He asked what I thought.  I said I was leaning toward the potatoes.  He said that “Leaning Toward The Potatoes” was the name of his Pogues cover band.  It’s always good to have a supportive mentor.