You would think there would be a lot of clip art involving people in an office environment, and there is.  But most of it sucks.  Cartoon bald guy overreacting to some piece of paper he’s holding, and that kind of bleck.  I can’t use most of it.

Enter the ninja.  Enter Brian Wilson, creator of Geist Panik, a webcomics artist so badass he once had to suspend his updates because he was deployed to the goddamn Middle East.  That’s right, he’s a webcomics guy and an active duty soldier.  

I wrote this script from a conversation I had with ShoEbox, who I think is back to being tied with my friend Sora for most conversations leading to a PartiallyClips.  Brian did the art by request, and then I completely rewrote the script to make full use of the very fine art.

With friends like these, who needs to work?  Thank you, Brian.  

Read his damn comic, people.  It’s good.