Snails and bugs.  Well, I have been enjoying the lower-lifeform art and maybe I will keep on that track until I get to bacteria or something.  I’ve done blood cells.  Maybe I should do atoms.

Anyway, this may be the fastest I have ever come up with a joke, or at least the premise.  I was lying in bed, trying to get to sleep, then I thought “Crickets.”  Then, “Crickets chirp when a joke fails.”  Then, “Maybe they LIKE it when a joke fails.”  

Timing it so the cricket would chirp at that concept failing to be a joke was the tricky part.  Took me an hour or two of tweaking.  Even picking the “chirp” font was annoyingly fiddly and time-consuming, and I am still not sure I got the best possible font out of my hundreds.  

Whatever, it’s done.  And now, as a famous webcartoonist often said, I’m going back to bed.