I made this joke in my wife’s presence at some point and it went over well, so I decided to make it into a strip.  Originally I tried to make it a phone call to the Weight Watchers customer service line, but I felt it needed more setup.  I ultimately managed to link it with my own experience of  having to hold back my opinions on weight loss based on my personal success.  For me, simple calorie counting – with a daily goal that was adjusted down based on my weight – was the only thing that ever worked, and thus everything else seems like voodoo.  But of course people’s minds are different, and some people need to wrap calories up in the abstract concept of “points” or eat specially-prepared pre-portioned foods or sacrifice weasels to Tony Danza or whatever.  I eventually learned to shut up unless asked for my opinion.

I made a brief attempt to build a bonus  joke around Jenny Craig’s initials being the same as a certain well-known religious figure, but that went nowhere.