This one’s scavenged from my “almost good enough to post” pile because I spent the last couple of days fighting a battle against my own stomach contents (I won, but did I really?) and didn’t have time to put a new strip together.

This is mostly a true story, except for the last line.  I like the last line because it adds a minor extra punch, but don’t like it because it pretty much answers the “best or worst” question, and it’s really the question I was trying to focus on here – whether it’s better to let your kids build their fantasies as just that and encourage their imagination for imagination’s sake, or to show them that their ideas are worth taking seriously and, with some foundation laid under them, can actually get enough traction to exist in the real world?   Obviously both options have merit, and the answer, on a case-by-case basis, depends on several factors, but a good parent will usually realize whether a given suggestion is worth giving serious consideration before spending hours developing blueprints for a fart-powered booger cannon.

Seriously, though, I love moments when I can tell my son “Yes, that thing really can happen, and here’s how.”

In other news, I’d like to throw a “Happy Birthday” out to my wonderful wife, the ever-tolerant ever-lovely Mrs. Shoebox.

MRS. SHOEBOX’S ASSESSMENT OF TODAY’S STRIP:  Hey, I remember that.  I think I called you a nerd.